Our Benefactors

Benefactors whose charities, trusts and funds are incorporated within today's Battersea United Charities


Our ability to fund charitable giving across Battersea is thanks to the wonderful generosity of benefactors 

over the past 377 years, the most recent being in 1996. Please do consider adding your name, or that

of your family to this list, and be remembered with great appreciation hundreds of years from now.  

Henry Smith (1641)
John Edmonds' Charity (1708)
John Banks (1716)
Ann Cooper (1720)
Rebecca Wood (1796)
Anthony Francis Haldimand (1815)
John Parvin (1820)
Thomas Ashness (1827)
Mssrs Bush & Perkins (1828)
John Conrad Rapp (1834)
John Charles Constable (1849)
Battersea Lammas Hall (1858)
Henry Juer (1879)
Edward Dagnall (1882)
Ashley William Graham Allen (1893)
Arthur Sykes (1919)
Charles Barrington (1945)
Fred Wingrove & Herbert Harrison (1945-90)

- The Wingrove Harrison Fund
Charlotte Despard (1960) 

- The Charlotte Despard Charity
The Pettaugh Centre Association (1981) 

- established by Battersea Headteachers
Past-Mayor Cllr Beryl Jeffery - The Mayor's Fund (1994)
Douglas Jay – Baron Jay of Battersea (1996) 

- a former MP for Battersea


Above: St Mary's Battersea, on the river 

- where Battersea United Charities began


Above: John Banks, benefactor;

Citizen and Haberdasher of the City of London.

Our Trustees

Current Trustees:

Philip Beddows (Chair),  

Caroline Usher (Vice Chair),  

Tim Woods (Treasurer),  

Stephen Willmett (Clerk to the Trustees), 

Kate Sutcliffe,  

Pamela O'Reilly,  

Peter Barnshaw, 

 Louise Calland

Pete Griffiths,  

Tessa Strickland,  

Tony Belton,  

Canon Simon Butler - ex Officio 

(as Vicar of St. Mary's Battersea).


In addition to the its Trustees, Battersea United Charities

has an Honorary President. 

Honorary President

Sven Tester

Previous Honorary President

Lilian Harrison MBE